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The Clockwork Fox
Blog of Lindsay Kitson
8th-Sep-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
7th-Sep-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
3rd-Sep-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Tue, 08:17: RT @aetpetrash: Friends! We’re doing it again. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for PARALLEL PRAIRIES VOL. II: Stories of Prairie Speculative Fiction a…
23rd-Aug-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Fri, 10:57: RT @SketchesbyBoze: sex on your wedding night: • awkward • disappointing un-tying the ribbon around your neck, causing your head to fall t…
12th-Aug-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
4th-Aug-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Sat, 23:34: RT @Rubberbandits: This footage appeared on my timeline while I was listening to Napalm Death and it was amazing. So I cut them both togeth…
28th-Jul-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
27th-Jul-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
22nd-Jul-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Sun, 15:51: RT @PaperFury: there are three types of writers; 1) those who plot their books 2) those who discover their plot along the way 3) those who…
11th-Jul-2019 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Wed, 14:26: RT @misterkristoff: Instead of trying to convince you how great my book is, I thought I could share some of the stick I get for it while ju…
  • Wed, 14:27: RT @misterkristoff: Hint: the A is in the Q Also, Mia did the “I wanted to know what it feels like in case I die” line back in 2016. And A…
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