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  • Thu, 03:10: So...radiator is leaking coolant again. Up till 3 am waiting for CAA to tow the car to the shop.
  • Thu, 03:12: Those people who told me getting a CAA membership when I got a car was a good idea were right.
  • Thu, 03:14: Also, CAA tow truck driver: second car-knowledgeable person to compliment me on my car. Said they're great cars.
  • Thu, 03:15: Nice to hear, that even when the thing's 20yrs old and got something wrong with it atm, that it's a good car.
  • Thu, 10:12: So, car fix not near so expensive as last one. Radiator needs to be replaced, but they just replaced it a month ago, so it's under warranty.
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