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The Clockwork Fox

Blog of Lindsay Kitson

Here's me, for anyone who cares.

I was born and raised in Manitoba, and I'm currently married to my first husband. We have two cats and a tarantula in our ghetto apartment.

I grew up a complete tomboy, no thanks to my beekeeper dad who took me out to the country regularly where I caught small animals and insects. There's a picture of me and a friend in the local paper of when I caught a garter snake by the lake.

My parents separated when I was six, and divorced when I was nine. They shared joint custody of my little brother and I, much to my mother's chagrin, as she had tried to take us away from my dad. I appreciate my dad's fighting to keep us now much more than I did at the time.

I started writing when I was twelve or thirteen years old, but only because that was when I got the idea to take all those stories in my head and put them down on paper. The truth is, I was lost much earlier. Five years old, in fact, believe it or not, was when it started. I met a girl who lived down the street in kindergarten, and we would play in her basement where she had twenty or so cardboard boxes. We would take turns making up stories and role playing the characters.

When I got my own computer to write my stories on at fourteen years old, there was no help for me after that. I wrote a 120 000 word novel over the course of about three years. My mother disapproved, she thought I spent too much time in my imaginary worlds. But seriously, the writing them down was only an outlet; I would have been in those worlds all the time anyway.

That first novel, as proud as I was of it, was what every first novel is - inexperienced drivel. At about seventeen or eighteen, I discovered the internet, and got involved in both an in person (Night Writers of Portage la Prairie) and online writing group (Online Writing Workshop for Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.) I got feedback on what needed work. I worked on stuff. I tried rewriting that first novel, the result being about five or ten different versions of the first three chapters, until I realized maybe I should try starting something fresh. I did, and I grew as a writer, wrote another novel and half of another before realizing I couldn't write something without know how it ends. Refined my craft. Made writing friends upon moving to Winnipeg who sucked me into doing National Novel Writing Month. I failed that for three years in a row, until I finally made it in 2009.

And the story goes on from there, but the rest hasn't happened yet. I mean, the part where I become a rich and famous author. Still waiting for that. But I'm working on it. In the meantime, I do IT support to stave off starvation until...well, it could be a while.